Fireplace Screen


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Pilgrim Full Arch

Full Arch:

Piano-hinged 3 panel full-arch design. Center 30"W x 32.5"H

Pilgrim Bowed craftsman - vintage iron

Bowed Craftsman- Vintage Iron:

Heavy bar stock & distinctive details. 6.5" Depth

Pilgrim FGN19 series craftsman

FGN19 Series- craftsman:

Heavy bar stock, distinctive details. Vintage Iron

Pilgrim Newport single panel

Newport single panel:

Indoor/Outdoor 304 Stainless Steel 39"W x 31"H

Pilgrim Screen with Tools

Screen witrh tools

Fire screen lifts away for tending fire. 6.5" Depth. Vintage Iron. Overall 48"W, Screen 36"W x 30"H

Pilgrim SG series Traditional

SG series traditional:

Matte black finish with polished brass handles. Available in Rumford Fireplace sizes

-31"W x 31"H    -39"W x 31"H

-44"W x 30"H   -44"W x 33"H

-50"W x 33"H.   -44W x 43"H

-38W" x 37"H




Pilgrim SGI series vintage iron

sgi series vintage iron:

Vintage Iron trim & twisted bar stock handle. Available in Rumford Fireplace sizes

-31"W x 31"H   -39"W x 28"H

-39"W x 31"H   -44"W x 30"H

-44"W x 33"H   -50"W x 33"H

-38"W x 37"H   -44"W x 43"H

Pilgrim sinclair panel

Sinclair Single Panel:

Natural Iron, 39"W x 31"H