Condar inferno stove top

Inferno Stove top:

Magnetic surface thermometer calibrated to measure temps on stove top, front or side. Black porcelain enamel on durable steel. Temperatures up to 900 degrees F. Made in the USA

Condar Stonegard- for soapstone

StoneGard- For soapstone:

Monitors soapstone temperatures for optimal performance & long life. Made in the USA


Condar Chimgard stovepipe

Chimgard stovepipe:

Standard of the industry- top quality thermometer for stove or stovepipe. Rich black porcelain enamel with yellow, orange, and red zones clearly showing safe flue temps at a glance. Temperatures up to 900 degrees F. Steel case for long life. Made in the USA

Condar woodsaver stovepipe

Woodsaver stovepipe:

Black aluminum with silver dial & red pointer. Temperature zones show Too Cool, Best Operation & Overheating. Temps up to 900 degrees F. Not for stovetops or hotter surfaces of fireplace inserts. Made in the USA

Condar Optimiser dual zone

Optimiser dual zone:

Calibrated for both wood stove top & stovepipe use. Dual temperatures zones are well defined, ensuring safe operation. Durable porcelain enamel finish. Made in the USA

Condar Fan thermometer

Fan thermometer:

Place on wood stove near base of fan to monitor temps for optimal fan performance, 4 zones on face indicate 'Too cool for fan operation', 'Best zone for low speed fans', 'Best zone for high speed fans' & 'Overheating'. Made in the USA

Condar Fluegard probe

fluegard probe:

Best probe thermometer for flue pipe up to 8". Brown porcelain enamel; temps up tom 1700 degrees F; 4" stem mounts in 1/4" hole, magnet/eyelet included. Made in the USA

Condar catalytic combustor probe

Catalytic Combustor probe:

For Dutchwest stoves, 2.5" probe. Temps up to 2000 degree F right behind a combustor. Shows when to switch off bypass, reduce fire, & indicates declining performance on catalyst. Made in the USA